Monday, September 15, 2008


CHARCOAL TRAFFIC Screenwriter and production assistant PAMELA COLLETT will attend all screenings of CHARCOAL TRAFFIC plus many other events during the GLOBAL PEACE FILM FESTIVAL in Orlando Florida 16-22 Sept. 2008. Pamela lived and worked in east Africa for ten years in Somalia, Kenya and Uganda. She currently works with HOT SUN FILMS/ FOUNDATION, home office in Kibera, the largest slum in east Africa, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Hot Sun's goal is social transformation through art and media. Look for Pamela at the GLOBAL PEACE FILM FESTIVAL! Don't miss CHARCOAL TRAFFIC. For more info visit or

Monday, August 18, 2008


18 August 2008
Hey everybody,
We are moving to where we will keep you posted on EVERYTHING going on in video and filmmaking in Kibera! Look for us there! Give us your feedback.
Thanks and see you soon! Pamela Collett

Friday, August 15, 2008

Planet in Focus Environmental FILM FEST, Toronto Canada

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC will be screened at Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, October 22-26 in Toronto. Planet in Focus showcases outstanding and compelling films and videos focusing on environmental themes


Hey everybody, CHARCOAL TRAFFIC has been accepted at Raindance Film Festival, the UK's largest independent film festival, established in 1992. Raindance is held in London's West End and always features an eclectic mix of genres with films from all over the world.


Are you ready for this? Go to and take a short trip from Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia to the countryside for a preview showing of CAMBOFEST, the International Film and Video festival of Cambodia. If you watch VERY CAREFULLY, you will see a truck scene from Hot Sun Films' CHARCOAL TRAFFIC being screened! WOW, from Somalia to Kenya to Cambodia! CHECK IT OUT!

HOT SUN FOUNDATION in Global Peace Film Festival

Pamela Collett will represent Hot Sun Foundation at the GLOBAL PEACE FILM FESTIVAL in Orlando Florida, USA from 17-21 September. Hot Sun Films short story of environmental devastation in Somalia CHARCOAL TRAFFIC will be shown. Watch for updates!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Photo is Ignatius Juma, star of KIBERA KID at the KIBERA FILM NIGHT. Thanks to all for your dedication that made the KIBERA FILM NIGHT one of the highlights of the Kwani? Lit Fest! For photos of KIBERA FILM NIGHT, visit

Monday, August 11, 2008

KIBERA BIG open air SCREENING Sat. August 9, 2008

Hot Sun Foundation and their partners Film Aid International,Kwani? Lit Fest and Africalia made the screening possible in Kibera’s Kamukunji grounds.

Hot Sun Foundation members and the Film Aid crew helped in the erection of the big screen and other chores that made sure we were right on time for the long awaited day.

Visitors like Arno Kopecky of Nation media, Ismail ,a child soldier from Sierra Leone and photographer and filmmaker, Mohinder Dhillon attended the screening.

The crowd was over a thousand people, who were delighted with the short Kenyan made films. Members of the audience said that in the next few years Kenyan films will be recognized globally.

Goddy Ojiambo was the mc and with his jokes he really entertained the crowd. Kiberans enjoyed the show and hope that it can be screened on a weekly basis.

Thanks to all the partners that made the screening possible. Special thanks to Charles Otieno of Film Aid International and Nathan Collett of Hot Sun Foundation who supervised the whole event.

Up date by Evans Kangethe

Lola Kenya Screen in KIBERA!

Hot Sun Foundation is pleased to partner with Lola Screen Kenya for film screenings in Kibera! On the 15th and 16th of August, selected films from the 3rd edition of Lola, the only festival in Africa that is exclusively designed for children and youth, will be screened in Kibera video halls tobe accessible free of charge for the youth and the children.For more information, visit See you there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello from Esther!

Working with the Hot Sun Foundation has been a wonderful experience. The knowledge that I am working with people who are empowering youth in the slums with their knowledge in the best way they know how, is satisfactory. Seeing a star made out of a small boy who was just an ordinary boy in an ordinary school is just awesome.
I have loved every bit of work I have done. I worked with the Hot Sun Films before I left for school, and two years later I am back as a friend of Hot Sun Foundation, because I believe in its mission and its vision.
I am grateful for this chance to impact on the lives of young people. It is indeed an honor. Intern, Esther Neema

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot Sun Foundation August Newsletter OUT NOW!

Hot Sun Foundation Newsletter just out! Send an email to to get YOUR copy!

Looks great. Thanks.
Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Nice design. Keep up the good work.
Sheila Cain, graphic artist, Berkeley California, USA.

Also available in a Spanish edition.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC in Palm Springs California USA!

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC, has been selected for presentation in the official line-up of the 14th Annual Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (August 21-27, 2008),California, USA, as well as a featured film in the Festival’s Short Film Market. Visit for more information.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Call for entries: FREEDOM to CREATE prize

ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize recognises artists who use their talents to promote human rights, including the freedom of expression, empathy, equality and understanding. Entry Deadline: 31 October 2008


KIBERA FILM NIGHT August 7 featuring an outstanding line up of local films including:
• AFRICAN RUNNERS, A documentary by Sir Mohinder S. Dhillon , internationally acclaimed Kenyan photographer
• THE KNIFE GRINDER'S TALE, based on the short story by award winning Kenyan author, Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, the tragic story of a father's journey to understand why his son was pointlessly murdered in the slums of Nairobi.
• KIBERA KID short fictional film, winner of seven international awards. KIBERA KID tells the story of an orphan who must choose between a life of crime and redemption.
• TRAIN MENACE by Kibera youth, short documentary about the train that runs right through Kibera affecting everyone’s daily life. Thursday August 7th (7pm - 9pm) @ Kamakunji grounds in Kibera.
Co-sponsored by Film Aid, Kwani? Lit Fest, Africalia, ArtVenture and Hot Sun Foundation.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Charcoal Traffic official selection Paris France Environmental Film Fest!

We are delighted and honoured to announce the selection of your film Charcoal Traffic in the Short Film Official Competition of the Festival International du Film d'Environnement 2008, which will take place in November 2008 (19 until 25) at the Cinema La Pagode in Paris,France. We were touched and deeply interested by your strong film. Visit for more information.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The KIBERA KID short film has been selected for exhibition at the World Kids International Film Festival 2008 to be held in New Delhi, 25th to 31st of July. KIBERA KID will be viewed by more than 30,000 children from all over India who will attend the festival this year.

WorldKids Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated towards the promotion of ‘entertainment with a purpose’. WorldKids Foundation’s vision is to expose Indian children to world cultures and traditions as well as encourage critical thinking on social and environmental issues.

We are pleased to join with WORLD KIDS FOUNDATION in their vision to bring together children and youth through media! Visit for more information!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kibera Kid AVAILABLE for download on CAACHI!

KIBERA KID, Charcoal Traffic available to download on Caachi! Go to All proceeds go to Hot Sun Foundation! Enjoy our films and support our work in Kibera! Thanks.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Love Story KIBERA KID Street Theatre

A Love Story Conquers Tribal War
by Matt Brown, Foreign Correspondent, THE NATIONAL, UAE, 29 June 2008

Otieno and Njeri are two star-crossed lovers from different tribes living in Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums with one million people. When a disputed election triggers a wave of tribal violence that sweeps Kenya, angry mobs drive Njeri’s family from their house. Fuming, her father bans Njeri from seeing Otieno.

The play, called Kibera Kid, is a project of the Hot Sun Foundation, an organisation that develops the creative talent of youth from the slums through storytelling.They will perform the play entirely in Swahili outside on Kibera’s streets, where more people will have a chance to see it.

The team decided to focus on the post-election violence that gripped Kenya at the beginning of the year. Ben Waweru, a butcher who recently watched the dress rehearsal, said the play gets its point across.“There is a message in it,” he said. “It teaches me that different tribes can stay together. We have to be one nation, one people.”

Check out the complete story at

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rehearsals for KIBERA KID - THE PLAY

KIBERA KID - THE PLAY focuses on issues of violence, crime and tribal tensions in Kibera, to promote awareness and reconciliation. The play is scripted, directed, produced, and acted by youth of Kibera. Performances will start at the end of June in the streets of Kibera, at schools, and other locations around Nairobi. Funded by Changamoto and Hot Sun Foundation. WATCH FOR IT!

Filmmaking Workshop at WAPI

Hot Sun Foundation gave a workshop as part of WAPI’s ‘Skills Factory’ on June 21 2008 at the British Council in Nairobi.

The workshop, CREATIVE STORYTELLING FOR FILM, facilitated by Nathan Collett, focused on creating effective and compelling stories for film/video.

WAPI stands for Words And Pictures - a meeting for artists, founded by Buddha Blaze, held monthly at the British Council in Nairobi.

Participants’ feedback was very positive. Members of Hot Sun Foundation in Kibera were in attendance! Evans, displaced during the post- election violence, has now returned to Kibera and came to the workshop (on far left of picture at the bottom). We were happy to see him!

Thanks to Blaze, Janet, WAPI and the British Council for setting up the workshop.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Viewers Feedback to KIBERA CONNECTION video

Viewers at the Adobe Global Youth Voices exhibit in San Jose were attracted to the video KIBERA CONNECTION by the setting and images of Kibera. They asked many questions, like "Does a train really go through Kibera?" People commented that the video showed a way of life they were not familiar with. Several viewers said they would be interested in knowing more about Kibera. Others thought that the KIBERA KID feature film project is a great idea. Thanks to the Kibera youth team, many people connected with Kibera. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to KIBERA CONNECTION video team!

Youth in Kibera, with the coordination of Goddy Ojiambo, invited viewers at the Adobe Global Youth Voices exhibition in San Jose, to visit Kibera with Chris Olwenyi aka Jah Hill as their guide. The KIBERA CONNECTION project showcases the work of youth as artists and filmmakers. Congratulations to Goddy, Chris, and all the Kibera youth team who worked on KIBERA CONNECTION, including Khadija Mohammed, Asha Ali, Cecilia Mwikali, Stephen Oloo,Prosfino, Mabel Ayitso, Beatrice Akengo, Ismail Zura, Anthony Shikon'golo,Amina Mohammed and Ignatius Juma!

Kibera Connection in San Jose California, USA

Saturday June 7, 2008,
Great day in San Jose! Kibera Youth connected with visitors and other youth through their video KIBERA CONNECTION at the Adobe Global Youth Voices project, part of the 01SJ
Digital Arts Festival held every two years. Hot Sun Foundation was one of 18 international projects selected to participate. The Adobe Global Youth Voices exhibit was held at the TECH Museum in downtown San Jose.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reflections on the Screenwriter’s workshop

In March 2008, Hot Sun Foundation held a six day workshop at the Kenya Film Commission for youth from Kibera. Below are some reflections by the workshop facilitator, Mary Beth Fielder, senior lecturer, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

The workshop began with a discussion of what makes a good story. Building on the idea that every story is about a character in crisis, we asked the participants to introduce themselves by sharing a crisis point from their own lives . . . They then broke into groups and brainstormed ways to develop them into compelling scripts for short films.

Participants reported feeling "transformed" by the process of searching for meaning within their own experiences. They also felt empowered by contemplating how a character in a similar set of circumstances might react and the choices they could make to confront the "crisis." This process of using their imagination to explore the characters' options caused them to contemplate how they might take a more active role in their own lives.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


CHARCOAL TRAFFIC has been selected by South Africa's longest running film festival, the Durban International Film Festival. The 29 th edition of DIFF will take place from 23 July to 3 August 2008.
Stop by for more information.

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC official selection LEITH Film Festival

Hot Sun Films is delighted to announce that CHARCOAL TRAFFIC, a dramatic story of two brothers trapped in a murderous cycle of environmental and cultural devastation in Somalia is an official selection at the LEITH FILM FESTIVAL. Goddy Ojiambo, Kibera resident and trustee of Hot Sun Foundation, flew to Somalia to assist in the production of CHARCOAL TRAFFIC. Visit for more information.

Friday, May 23, 2008

First HOT SUN FOUNDATION Newsletter!

The first Hot Sun Foundation newsletter is now out! You can download it from download from

You can also get a copy and subscribe to future newsletters by emailing 'subscribe newsletter' to Peace! Hot Sun Foundation Team

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Call and Response wins international youth leadership award!

Hot Sun Foundation is pleased to announce that co-founder Nathan Collett has been awarded the Institute of International Education's (IIE) 2008 New Leaders Group Award for Mutual Understanding.

Nathan received the New Leaders Award for the Hot Sun Foundation project CALL AND RESPONSE, the ongoing video exchange between youth of the urban slums of Nairobi and youth in the USA. CALL AND RESPONSE was described by IIE as a project that "strongly supports the mission and goals of the New Leaders Group and holds much promise for the future of US-Kenya relations”.

IIE further noted, "With dedication and leadership like yours, IIE is able to continue "Opening Minds to the World" through international exchange - more important today than ever before. The intent of the New Leaders Group Award is to recognize some of the best and the brightest young professionals and to encourage them to contribute and further promote their innovative ideas, valuable knowledge and dedication to the cause of mutual understanding."

IIE is a global leader in the exchange of people and ideas. An independent not-for-profit organization founded in 1919, IIE is among the world’s largest and most experienced international education and training organizations, (

Congratulations to Nathan, Goddy Ojiambo, coordinator, and the youth in Kibera, who are participating in CALL AND RESPONSE.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thanks to all who worked on the HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL

Nathan Collett, founder Hot Sun Films and co-founder Hot Sun Foundation, thanks everyone who made the second annual Kibera HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL a success. Special thanks to the Kibera youth organizers, the film kiosk owners and to the Cultural Affairs Section of the US Embassy.

Congratulations to Kibera HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL

Hot Sun Foundation is pleased to be a sponsor of the second annual Kibera HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL, which offers Kibera youth an opportunity to view and talk about good films from around the world. Based on our goal of social transformation through art and media, youth in Kibera are learning to analyze what films mean to their lives and learn more about the world.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


For personal reasons, Peter Johnson Katuma has left Hot Sun Foundation to focus on other priorities. Thanks for your time and consideration. Best, Hot Sun Foundation Team

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot Sun Films in Beijing China!

On Tuesday April 22, 2008, Earth Day, three films produced by Hot Sun Films were enthusiastically praised by participants at the Beijing International Peace Vigil meeting. 25 people from many different countries were stimulated to ask questions about life in Kibera, Lamu and Somalia after viewing KIBERA KID, SUBIRA and CHARCOAL TRAFFIC. They enjoyed the films and congratulated the filmmakers on their excellent quality. One young German commented that he knew very little about Africa and that viewing the films was a wonderful learning opportunity for him. An Australian woman said the films were very important for understanding the lives of people in east Africa. A woman from England praised Hot Sun Films for working with slum youth in Africa offering them possibilities for social and cultural participation.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot Sun Foundation announces KIBERA FILM FEST

2nd Annual Film Festival in Kibera – Hip Hop Film Fest
Peace and Conflict: THE WAY FORWARD

Seven days of films and discussion in Kibera.
Posing questions, Challenging assumptions, Promoting understanding

Hot Sun Foundation in conjunction with Hot Sun Films, will show outstanding and informative films from around the world in video halls throughout Kibera from Saturday April 26 to Friday May 2nd. Amongst the films will be the award winning short films KIBERA KID and SUBIRA as well as films produced by the youth of Kibera.

We showcase films from urban environments in the USA and around the world to see the global challenges faced by slum and ghetto dwellers everywhere. Many films will be shown in Kenya for the first time, including BASTARDS OF THE PARTY, about alternatives to gang life in Los Angeles California, and GRIND AND GLORY, about aspiring hip hop stars from the ghettos of Oakland California. The Kibera HIP HOP FILM FEST offers an opportunity for ongoing community dialogue about values, culture, and identities and how we can live together in peace and harmony.

All screenings will be FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. In addition to free film screenings, Hot Sun Foundation facilitators will encourage filmgoers to discuss what they watch and how it applies to their lives during discussions following some of the screenings.

The Free Film Screenings will be held daily at video halls throughout Kibera from 11 am to 5 pm, Saturday April 26 to Friday April May 2nd.

We invite your participation and support!
For more information contact

The Second Annual Kibera HIP HOP FILM FEST is sponsored by Hot Sun Foundation, Hot Sun Films, and the Cultural Affairs section of the United States Embassy in Nairobi.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

48 hour film Competition

This weekend aspiring Kibera filmmakers from Hot Sun Foundation are
taking part in the 48 hour film competition by Slum TV. In 48 hours they
will write, produce, and edit a short film! Pictures and feedback to
follow. Look for it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mary Beth in Kibera!

Originally uploaded by Hot Sun Foundation
More pictures from the workshop can be found at


You can see pictures from Hot Sun Foundation workshop led by Prof. Mary Beth Fielder at

Friday, April 11, 2008

Greetings from Hot Sun Foundation!

Despite harsh living conditions, youth in Kibera, east Africa’s largest slum, have incredible talent and enthusiasm to tell their stories through video and film.

Through training and production in film and video, working with Hot Sun Foundation, youth in Kibera present a powerful, peaceful image of Kibera to the world.

Together we contribute to innovation in the expanding film industry in east Africa with a model of youth participation and inclusion.

Our most recent activities include a series of workshops with Kibera youth at the Kenya Film Commission led by Mary Beth Fielder, professor at the prestigious Film School of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. A follow up workshop teamed Kibera youth with Kenyan film professionals.

COMING SOON… Second Annual HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL in Kibera focused on the theme of Peace and Conflict. Watch for it!